Commercial Construction Staking
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Commercial Construction Staking

Commercial Construction Staking

Construction Staking for commercial projects is a crucial step in the construction process that can directly influence whether a project is finished on time, within budget, and error free. It is in the best interest of the construction company to use the expertise of a registered land surveyor qualified to perform the stakeout. A good surveyor will interpret the drawings and develop a design to fit the site designer’s, engineer’s or architect’s plan. With a registered land surveyor who has the needed abilities and knowledge, the builder can be sure of the accuracy and reliability of the results.

The reframing of construction, especially in a commercial application, requires all the skills that a land surveyor possesses. They are required to complete a boundary and topographic survey to ensure that the property matches the site plan and engineering design. You must also take stakeout for classification or added mass to volume calculation, compensation for building construction, utilities (sewer and storm sewers), parking lots, streets or sidewalks. These are all done before the land surveyor even begins to address the proposed construction on the property.

The land surveyor may rethink and analyze the structures proposed, which will provide the location and grade stakes for the construction of foundations, walls and column lines. This is a crucial step in the process; if building foundations are not staked out properly, the process can be very costly for the construction team, and it could even have the potential to ruin the whole project. A knowledgeable land surveyor is the best tool builder to prevent foundation problems later in the process. A good land surveyor will establish a network of coordinates with the horizontal and vertical controls from the beginning of the project and use it to calculate and determine the exact corners and levels of the proposed structures.

While construction stakeout is seen by many as a simple step at the beginning of a project, if it is not carried out properly, you can have very dire ramifications for the rest of the project development. In commercial projects, the importance of a well-done construction stakeout is magnified given the largest structures and huge amounts of money the construction stakeout will affect. It is time and money well spent to ensure that a qualified surveyor with the proper knowledge and experience is carrying out the work.

At PJDC, PLS. CSP, we have the needed knowledge and experience to make your project a success from the very beginning!

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